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Take the grid anywhere

Ultra high capacity battery systems that deliver clean power without noise, fumes, or wires.


Cash Truck, Los Angeles, 2019


Peak Technologies, Vancouver, 2021


Hurricane Florence disaster relief, North Carolina, 2018


North Carolina disaster relief, Hurricane Florence 2018


North Carolina disaster relief, Hurricane Florence 2018


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Easy as 1, 2, 3



Forget cranking the generator. Just press the "on" button.



Connect your equipment to the 120V outlets.



That's it! One less thing to worry about.

VOLTstack e-generators

VOLTstack 2k

2k VOLTstack

Small enough to go anywhere, powerful enough to go all day.

2.8 kWh capacity

2.4 kW continuous output

2.5 hour fast recharge

2k Spec sheet

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VOLTstack 5k

5k VOLTstack

Robust and capable with flexible features for professional applications

5.6 kWh capacity

4.8 kW continuous output

2.5 hour fast recharge

5k spec sheet

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200W Solar Panel

200w solar

Catch some rays and extend your run time. Works with any VOLTstack.

Connect multiple for faster recharge.

Folds for easy transport.


From Star Wars to MI6

Star Wars Mandalorian Logo
James Bond 007 Logo
Guardians of the Galaxy Logo
War for the Planet of the Apes Logo
Man in the High Castle Logo

"You go out there and there’s completely silent power. The guys loved it because they could have it right next to them and not be inhaling diesel fumes. I would definitely use them again.”​

Gavin Berhman, Production Manager
The Mandalorian

"As a gaffer, the VOLTstack completely changes what’s possible for on-location shoots. I can get the lighting I need in less time and less money, simply because we have power right where we need it."

David Sinfield, Gaffer
N​o Time To Die

"The VOLTstack is one of the most positive steps forward in movie sound in recent years. The noise of generators has always created problems. The VOLTstack is silent, helping you hear the actor’s original performance, while reducing harmful emissions. It’s a win-win."

Simon Hayes,
Oscar-winning Production Sound Mixer
Guardians of the Galaxy

"For confined spaces, locations where you can’t cable, places with noise restrictions, these make total sense. Portable Electric is what everybody needs, whether they know it or not, and it’s the way the world is going."

Billy Baxter, Gaffer
War for the Planet of the Apes

"The ideal was to reduce our carbon footprint, fuel costs & noise disturbances. It has been an excellent learning & development process and we are really happy with the results.”​

Yvonne Melville, Production Manager
Man in the High Castle

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